Domenici Student Scholars Program

The Domenici Institute for Public Policy at New Mexico State University seeks to develop and enhance student scholarship in public policy. With the help of academic colleges and individual faculty who are engaged in and enthusiastic about public policy, the Domenici Institute will create a shared effort to inspire a future generation of service-minded policy researchers and leaders through the Domenici Student Scholars Program.


In brief: What is the Scholars Program?

  • Three-credit independent study
  • Opportunity for Domenici Conference Panelists to expand their research
  • Domenici Student Scholar Candidates produce a high-quality policy white paper proposal, an oral presentation, and a policy white paper
  • Resulting work may serve as the basis of a scholarship, master’s thesis, or doctoral dissertation proposal
  • An opportunity for students to be recognized for academic achievement
  • Reliant on the commitment of faculty and self-motivated students
  • Available to undergraduate (having completed four college semesters), graduate, and doctoral students who are accepted as Domenici Student Panelists
  • A creative experience that will further develop critical thinking, research, writing, and presentation skills