Securing a legacy

New Mexico State University is proud to honor Senator Domenici and his legacy through the advancement of Domenici Institute programs and the rehabilitation of a campus building to serve the Domenici Institute, College of Business and the Office of the Vice President for Economic Development.

Opportunities to make an impact

We are building endowment funds and seeking programmatic support to enrich and sustain the Domenici Institute. It is our goal to position the Institute for long-term sustainability through collaborative partnerships, private funding, program income and grant support. Here are a few ways that you can join us in this effort to make a lasting impact.


Established in 2009, the Domenici Institute continues to build a strong program in public policy analysis and community engagement. There are several public policy research programs and education and training initiatives that would have a greater impact with additional support.


The annual public policy conference continues to attract more than 900 attendees and is a prime opportunity to market a business or a corporation. There are a number of tailored sponsorships that maximize coverage for each contributor. Please contact Leslie Cervantes at (575) 646-3587 to learn more.

Partner with us!

We hope you will partner with us by choosing to invest in the Pete V. Domenici Institute for Public Policy. Please contact Leslie Cervantes at (575) 646-3587 to discuss how you can make an impact.