Conference Agenda

All events will be held at the Las Cruces Convention Center, 680 E. University Ave.

Wednesday, September 13

9:30 a.m. Opening Ceremonies
10:15 a.m. U.S. Foreign Policy
Senator Richard G. Lugar, U.S. Senate 1977-2013, (confirmed)
11:30 a.m. Lunch is served (Convention Center ballroom)
1 p.m. U.S. Foreign Policy: Mexico
Carlos Pascual, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, 2009-2011,
and Ukraine, 2000-2003 (confirmed)
2 p.m. U.S. Foreign Policy: China
Gary Locke, former U.S. Ambassador to China, 2011-2014, and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, 2009-2011 (confirmed)
3 p.m. U.S. Foreign Policy: Russia
Eric Edelman, former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, 2005-2009, former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, 2003-2005 (confirmed)
4 p.m. Program concludes for the day (reception follows)

Thursday, September 14

8 a.m. Cloud-enabled Education for a 21st Century Workforce
Ken Eisner, Senior Manager, Worldwide Education Programs and Global Lead- AWS Educate, Amazon Web Services
9 a.m. Equity in Education
Pedro Noguera, Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA;
Noguera focuses on the ways in which schools are influenced bysocial and economic conditions (confirmed)
10 a.m. Workforce Readiness/Workforce for the Future
Dr. Antonia Novello, former Surgeon General of the United States 1990-1993, (confirmed)
11 a.m. Workforce Readiness: New Mexico
Celina Bussey, Cabinet Secretary New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (confirmed)
12:00 p.m. Lunch buffet (Convention Center exhibit hall)
12:45 p.m. The Future of the Workplace
Seth Harris, Former Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor and Deputy U.S. Secretary of Labor (confirmed)
1:45 p.m. Closing Remarks