About The Pete V. Domenici Institute

Senator Pete V. Domenici was known for his leadership in the development and advocacy of practical solutions to our nation’s existing and emerging issues. His firm commitment to economic development based on innovation and entrepreneurship as well as matters of national security, federal budget construction, mental health care, and energy has revealed itself in his accomplishments over a 36-year Senate career. Senator Domenici is an integral part of New Mexico’s history, economy, and future.

Following Senator Domenici’s retirement from the U.S. Senate in 2008, the Pete V. Domenici Institute for Public Policy (Domenici Institute) was established on the main campus of New Mexico State University (NMSU) with the goal of continuing Senator Domenici’s legacy of service.

The Domenici Institute provides community engagement activities that serve to enhance the understanding of regional and national public policy issues. As part of that effort, the institute hosts a public policy conference and several policy forums each year. The annual Domenici Public Policy Conference is a significant, regional event with more than 1,000 attendees from New Mexico and parts of Arizona and Texas.

In addition to its community engagement initiatives, the Domenici Institute seeks to develop and enhance student scholarship in public policy. Through the Domenici Student Scholars Program, the institute partners with university faculty and students in a semester-long academic program intended to train and inspire the next generation of public policy researchers and leaders.

NMSU is privileged to serve as the repository for Senator Domenici’s archives. Commensurate with NMSU’s land-grant mission of public service and outreach and its status as a research institution, the archives will be maintained in perpetuity. The archives serve as a resource for students, faculty, historians, and the public.

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