“DOMENICI” is now available on DVD. Contact the Domenici Institute to request a free copy (while supplies last). Send your name and mailing address to DI@nmsu.edu.

“This is a story about a baseball player, a teacher and a lawyer. About a father and a patriot. This is about leadership.”

Sam Donaldson, narrator

From Russia to the Rio Grande, Senator Pete V. Domenici has used his leadership skills to change lives worldwide. Narrated by award-winning journalist, Sam Donaldson, the documentary “DOMENICI” chronicles the historic career of New Mexico’s longest serving United States senator through eight presidents and four decades of change. With stories from Bob Dole, Chris Dodd, Howard Baker, Bill Clinton, Lamar Alexander and many staff and friends, we learn about a man known as “Pete” and discover how he helped New Mexico and the world.

“He has made America safer, Russia safer and the world safer,” says former President Bill Clinton, referring to the historic work at the end of the Cold War.

And at home, Domenici may have saved the acequias of New Mexico, along with the silvery minnow.

“There will never be another Pete,” says Jose Otero of Bosque Farms.

According to Senator Bob Dole, who worked with Domenici to balance the federal budget, “If you look back now and see where we are today, had we followed some of Pete Domenici’s efforts way back in 1985, we might be out of this mess.”

The documentary highlights Domenici’s remarkable achievements with the federal budget, energy policy, national defense and nuclear non-proliferation, as well as his work as a champion for individuals suffering from mental illness and, of course, his amazing accomplishments in New Mexico. From locations halfway around the world to the shore of the Rio Grande, the documentary captures a piece of history that will live forever at New Mexico State University’s Domenici Institute.

“The history is astounding,” says Emmy Award-winning Producer/Director Chris Schueler. “And this man’s ability to connect with people, ranging from small communities in New Mexico to nuclear scientists in Russia, made it possible for him to do things for our state and the world that affect us all.”

According to Executive Producer Lisa Breeden, “These are stories very few people know about the senator. And yet, through them, we can see how his leadership has shaped our state and country.”

“DOMENICI” will be an integral part of the Pete V. Domenici Archives at NMSU in Las Cruces. The project also will serve as background for the living legacy of Senator Domenici in the Domenici Institute’s annual Public Policy Conferences to raise awareness and spark discussion of some of our country’s most challenging problems.